A Letter from the Trustees ~ 2014

1974 - 2014
July 2014 marks the "40th" Anniversary of the establishment of the Dunstable Civic Associates (DCA), predecessor to the Dunstable Rural Land Trust (DRLT), that was established under Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Section 501(c) (3) as a not for profit organization in August of 1987.  The DCA was organized in 1974 to purchase land that borders Main and Fletcher Streets, a former mink farm, later a large scale gravel removal operation. The intent was to preserve this property in perpetuity as conservation and wildlife refuge, allowing passive recreation such as walking, hiking, fishing and bird watching. 
Today, this location encompasses in excess of 400 acres.  In total, the Trust now holds in excess of 800 acres of land, principally in Dunstable with smaller holdings in Pepperell and Groton.  Trails are maintained by volunteers and are enjoyed by residents of Dunstable and surrounding communities.
The Trust aided in the establishment of the Dunstable Civic Trust (DCT), an organization formed to hold conservation restrictions on property held by the Dunstable Rural Land Trust and others. The combination of the DRLT and the DCT collectively hold permanent conservation restrictions on approximately 100 acres, principally in Dunstable.  At this time, the Trust is working on the preservation of other parcels, either by gift, purchase and/or the development of permanent conservation restrictions.
In accordance with its purpose, the preservation of the rural character of Dunstable, the Trust has also contributed funds to assist the Town of Dunstable in its purchase of the Ferrari and Best properties as well as aided the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game in its recent acquisitions in Dunstable. The Trust has and continues to aid local land owners wanting to preserve their land and retain the properties with the encumbrance of conservation restrictions held either by the Dunstable Rural Land Trust or the Dunstable Civic Trust.
The DRLT now sponsors annual programs, namely Septemberfest (with wild bird and animal programs) and Winterfest (horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice cutting/carvings/ice fishing with refreshments hosted by the Dunstable Boy Scout Troop #28). 
The Trust has been able to achieve these accomplishments principally as a result of the generous donations and support from residents of Dunstable and neighboring communities.  Many of these contributors walk the Dunstable Rural Land Trust Wildlife Refuge on a frequent basis.
The Trustees are very appreciative of the support received and look forward to continuing the success of the Trust.
Trustees of the Dunstable Rural Land Trust
July 2014