The Trail Stewardship Program

Within DRLT’s open spaces are miles and miles of trails and trail networks.  Some are maintained trails and others old logging trails that offer great adventures through beautiful fields, woodlands, and past pristine ponds and streams.
At Winterfest 2007, we asked a few families what they thought of an idea we’d kicked around at a recent DRLT meeting.  The idea grew out of the fact that we were embarking on a project to create trail maps for all of the DRLT parcels.  One of the things that we constantly struggle with is that we can map the trails, but we also have to maintain the trails we map so that people can enjoy them - whether for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, dog walking, get the picture!  Add to that the fact that we really want people to use the trails - many more people than might be enjoying them today.  So the question:  How do we entice people to use the trails, and how do we keep the trails useable throughout the year? 
What if families, or groups, or individuals could ‘adopt’ a trail (or portion of a larger trail).  What if the only adoption ‘fee’ was to bring your family, your friends, or yourself outside to ‘your’ trail and make sure it was clean and clear for others to enjoy? 

So we asked, and folks loved the idea!  We’ve actually had a number of calls making sure we remembered who volunteered to do this and that we’d call as soon as we needed them. What a great way to get to spend time outdoors - together or alone - and get to know the trail system at the same time.

So, now we have a new project - following another new project (mapping out trails).  If you think you might be interested in this form of ‘adoption’, or have any ideas or inputs relative to the ‘DRLT Trail Stewardship’ program, let us know by sending us an e-mail.  Just click below (and thanks!).
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