The Ferrari Parcel Project

Kudos to Dunstable!!!!
At Special Town Meeting (with a packed house!) the citizens of Dunstable, voted to apply the Town’s local Community Preservation receipts toward the purchase of the Ferrari Farm.  This purchase was made possible through a number of funding ‘buckets’ including the sale of the existing house and barn with historic covenants, multiple grants, and $109,000 in private fundraising that the DRLT spearheaded. Thanks to all who contributed time, money, and well wishes for this project. 
The result? 
*The completion of a 425 acre contiguous parcel of protected, open space within Dunstable, making connections to miles of public trails. 
*The protection of the historic Sarah Reed Roby house and surrounding landscape.
*Furthering the goal of the DRLT, Trust for Public Land, the Town of Dunstable, and the residents of Dunstable to preserve and protect the historic, rural, and agricultural character of our town.
If you have any questions at all relative to the Ferrari Parcel Project, please give Bob Kennedy, our DRLT President, a call at (978) 649-7206.