The DRLT is often sought out for information on our events, as well as opinions on open space policies and procedures at the state and even national levels.  Maintaining contacts throughout the local, state, and federal conservation and preservation communities is critical to our success. 

This involves the attendance of a variety of conferences and workshops as well as ongoing communication to and conversations among our membership and beyond.  And all this is done - every minute and penny of it - by volunteers
Dunstable Rural Land Trust
McLoon Barn - July 1, 2019
The McLoon Barn was struck by lightning late yesterday afternoon (June 30, 2019), damaging the cupola and surrounding roof, caused a small fire between the first and second floors as well as eliminating electrical service to the barn.

The alarm systems in place at the Barn prevented what could have been a disaster for the property that has been undergoing restoration since the summer of 2018.

Thanks to the quick and capable response of the Dunstable, Tyngsboro and Pepperell Fire and Police Departments, fire damage was limited to one area.  The Trust wishes to thank the above departments for their successful effort to save this structure.  Structural damage is being reviewed by the Dunstable Rural Land Trust and appropriate consultants.

The Trust plans to remediate the damage and continue on its project to use the Barn for the benefit of the community.  The Dunstable Rural Land Trust will begin, in the very near future, to develop plans for the long-term use and benefit of this property.


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