McLoon Property

This property was bequeathed to the Dunstable Rural Land Trust by Mrs. Olive F. McLoon. As noted in the April 2017 Newsletter, the Trust had many issues to resolve regarding this property, including ownership interests held by heirs from other countries.   The identity of the heirs has now been ascertained and an estimate of the interest held by these heirs has been determined. 

The Trust and David Lucas (legal counsel for the Estate of Ronald McLoon), have made great strides to resolve many of the issue the Trust face, we are happy to report those issues which have not been completely resolved are in the process of being resolved.  Junk and old equipment have been removed eliminating much of the eye sore once associated with the property.

We have also made progress with the cleanup of the house at the corner of Main and Thorndike Streets, although much more work is necessary.  Our progress would not have been possible without the assistance of the Estate's legal counsel. To date, the Trust has expended approximately $80,000 to pay prior outstanding bills, make improvements to 59 Main Street as well as the overall cleanup.  (This property was recently condemned by the Town of Dunstable and Nashoba Board of Health as uninhabitable; part of the myriad  of issues arising from circumstances in place prior to the bequest to the Trust.)

The Trust expects to resolve many of the above matters in the near future and proceed with the disposition of parts of the property to allow the Trust to fulfill the wishes of Olive F. McLoon to permanently protect the property in perpetuity.  The Trust is currently drafting limited preservation restrictions on 59 Main Street in an attempt to retain, at least in part, the unique character of this house.

As the Trust does not have the resources to continue to hold, nor be a landlord, it is anticipated that two homes on the land bequeathed to the DRLT will need to be sold in order to acquire the cash required to buy out the McLoon heirs for their portion of the property. The Trust is currently in the process of selling three (3) other parcels currently held by the Trust, which will remain permanently protected from development after the sale, as well as selling some timber from the McLoon property as part of the funding sources.

Through a grant provided by the Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust, the Trust is embarking on restoration of the historic barn, a process that could take more than a year.  The initial grant will fund the rebuilding of the overall structure, including flooring and siding.  A second phase will be to paint the building, replace of the existing roof, and finally replacing the cupola and thoroughly clean the barn inside.  The Trust plans to apply for a second grant to fully or partially complete the second phase of this project. 

As the progress at the McLoon property becomes visible we have been approached concerning the Trust's plans for its long-term uses. The Trust has had inquiries including educational, farmers market, community gardens, public functions as well as an interest in caring for and housing of animals.  The trustees would appreciate input from community members as to your thoughts for the long-term use of the property keeping in mind the current character and preservation of the scenic entrance to the Town of Dunstable.