The Dunstable Rural Land Trust formed the Dunstable Civic Trust, (DCT), a Section 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization on January 3, 2002.  The DCT was organized for the purpose of conserving and preserving land and water areas predominately in their natural, scenic, or open condition or in agricultural, farming, or forest use.  The Trust was established to encourage, promote, and support such conservation and preservation primarily by means of accepting and holding conservation restrictions and similar interests in real property.  The initial purpose was to hold the conservation easements (restrictions) on properties held by the Dunstable Rural Land Trust. 
Although the DCT was established by the DRLT for this specific purpose, the Trust does not control the organization.  Pursuant to the Trust Indenture, the DRLT may elect only two of the five trustees to ensure independence of the two organizations.
The initial trustees were:
David E. Tully (DRLT)                           
David H. Webber (DRLT)                   
Joseph T. Maguire, Jr.
William B. Moeller
Robert J. Ricardelli
The current trustees of the Dunstable Civic Trust are:
Brian F. Reynolds (DRLT)
David H. Webber (DRLT)
William B. Moeller
Joseph T. Maguire, Jr.
Alan E. Chase
The DCT currently also holds easements on the following properties as an accommodation to the DRLT, (the effect is to allow the landowners continued ownership and use of their property, subject to restrictions contained in the easements.)

About the Dunstable Civic Trust

The Margaret O. Larter easement on Main Street, Dunstable, consists of 60 acres of woodland and 15+ acres of open pasture.   This property is located across the street from Mrs. Larter's former homestead and was once the home of family-owned Elm Haven Dairy.  In 1954 the Elm Haven Dairy moved its operations to Hollis Street. The Hollis Street property of approximately 110 acres is subject to a Massachusetts Agricultural Preservation Restriction.
The Dunstable Civic Trust holds an easement on 40 acres of the Gregg property which is part of the Wildlife Refuge.  The DCT is currently in the process of finalizing a similar easement on the remaining 20 acres acquired from the Gregg family in 2006. 
The Dunstable Civic Trust and the Dunstable Rural Land Trust have finalized an easement on the Judith K. Larter parcel on Main Street (approximately 59 acres abutting the Margaret O. Larter property referred to above).