DRLT Wildlife Preserve

The trail map below represents six trails accessible from the Main Street entrance to the DRLT Wildlife Preserve.  The map was created by walking the trails using GPS technology.  We have done our best to provide an accurate  representation.
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Trails are marked with the metal DRLT trail marker, 4” circle white background with green pine tree, hiker, kayak and fish. The color of the trail is a painted circle or square on a tree 6 feet above ground.                              
BLUE TRAIL   this trail begins at the parking area of the entrance to the DRLT Wildlife Preserve at 1076 Main Street. The trail utilizes the original road which provided access to the property. The trail passes a home on the left and proceeds past the “Winterfest” site. The trail goes along the edge of a field on the right where views of the ends of the eskers are visible.  Proceed over a culvert with a babbling brook. The trail bends to the left along a field. The trail goes up a slight rise and continues across a second culvert to the southern edge of the upper pond. At this point one may go around the pond in either direction.
GREEN TRAIL This trail is accessed from the blue trail near the “Winterfest” site. Proceed across the field to the opening in the stone wall to the right of the large oak tree at the top of the steep banking. This is the beginning of the esker, which is a long, narrow ridge of course gravel deposited by a stream flowing in the ice-walled valley or tunnel in a decaying glacial ice sheet. The trail goes along the near esker for several hundred yards and reverses direction onto the far esker. The trail is highlighted by very tall hemlock trees, a white birch tree and views of the bog to the left and the brook to the right. At the end of the esker the trail goes to the left and down another steep bank. The trail then goes across the field to rejoin the Blue Trail via the Black Trail.
ORANGE TRAIL This trail is accessed from the blue trail in the clearing South of the upper pond and also from the blue trail at the North end of the upper pond. From the South the trail crosses over a brook and through a clearing before entering the woods onto an old logging road. Go left at the fork. (Note: The right at the fork is a short by pass and rejoins the orange trail.) The trail continues along a wooded logging trail and at the fork takes a right into the old gravel pit. The trail goes up and down several small hills and then continues to the North end of the upper pond and rejoins the blue trail.
BLACK TRAIL This trail is accessed from the orange trail at the North end of the upper pond. It begins on the dirt road used to remove the gravel though the gravel pit. The trail continues thru a wooded area and then open fields. The trail enters the woods and is marked on both sides by dead trees along the sides. The trail passes over two wooden bridges and ends on Hollis Street near the parking lot for the Nashua River Rail Trail. (Note” The black trail can be very wet in the spring.
GREGG WOODS YELLOW TRAIL From the South this trail is accessed on the right from the blue trail just beyond the culvert and brook.  The trail begins between the end of the stone wall and the brook, turns left and follows the stone wall just inside the tree line. Towards the upper end the trail jogs to the left onto the old logging road. Note the large white pine tree leaning at an angle. After several hundred yards there is an opening in the stone wall on the left. This is a great place to stop and sit on the wall which overlooks the field. The trail continues to a junction at the next opening in the stone wall on the left.   A left turn thru the wall and down the slope rejoins the Blue trail. A turn to right joins the northern end of the Red trail.
GREGG WOODS RED TRAIL From the South this trail is accessed on the right from the yellow trail at the northeast corner of the middle field. The trail follows the original old logging road. There are three logging roads, all on the right of this trail, which are not part of the DRLT trail system. Please stay on the main trail. Soon this trail divides and rejoins itself in several hundred yards. The trail to the left goes up and down a few hills and then rejoins the main trail. The other trail goes down an incline and across a wooden bridge and the other trail joins from the left. The trail then winds around to the left, goes up an incline and comes out to the yellow trail.

BLUE/ORANGE TRAIL This trail is a shortcut or bypass between the blue trail and the orange trail.  It is accessed on the left from the blue trail on the southwest end of the upper pond. The trail passes though the tree line and then along an area of scrub pine in the sandpit and joins the orange trail. 
BROWN TRAIL – This trail is accessed from Fletcher Street and provides access to the ponds where non motorized boats, canoes and kayaks may be launched;

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