George E. Tully
Co-Founder, Trustee
In Memorium

“Wildness is the preservation of the World.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walking
George E. Tully, co-founder of Dunstable Civic Associates, (the forerunner of the Dunstable Rural Land Trust), passed away on May 10, 2015.
In 2009 when he stepped down as Trustee and Treasurer after over 35 years of active involvement in the Trust, George was elected as the Trust’s first Honorary Trustee in recognition and appreciation for his invaluable contributions, guidance, dedication and support.
George was married for seventy years to his wife June, who predeceased him in March of 2008.  June also contributed numerous hours overseeing the daily activities of the Trust including collecting pledges, dues and memberships.  During the period from inception until her death, she was the bookkeeper for the Trust.
George and June’s estate plans provided, that upon death, they would contribute 100 acres of land to the Dunstable Rural Land Trust.  This bequest was completed in 2008, with the donation of 50 acres directly behind their life-long home.  The balance of the land donated comprised various tracts in Dunstable, Pepperell and Groton.
George was a life-long resident of Dunstable.  Not only was George a dairy farmer, he held various offices in the Town of Dunstable during his lifetime, including that of Selectman, Town Moderator,  and Zoning Board Member.  It was George’s role as Selectman that was the initial impetus for establishment of the Dunstable Civic Associates which was established to preserve the rural character of town he so loved.
George was always cognizant of the public perception of the DRLT, the Trust’s reputation and actions, and strived for transparency in the Trust’s activities.  These factors remain in the forefront with the Trust today, insuring the Trust remains a well-respected and major factor within the Town of Dunstable.
The initial goal of the Dunstable Civic Trust in 1974 was to preserve and protect the rural character of Dunstable.   George’s time, effort and passion has allowed the Trust to achieve this goal, protecting over 1,000 acres of land.