Initially, the management of the DRLT was accomplished under the direction of five volunteer trustees.  The Trust Instrument requires that all trustees be residents of Dunstable, with each trustee elected for a term of three years with no term limits.  Trustees are elected at the DRLT Annual Meetings held in April of each year. 
The initial trustees were:
Robert E. Kennedy, President, 1987 - present
George E. Tully, Sr., Treasurer, 1987 - 2009              
Alan E. Chaney, Trustee, 1987 - present
Peter J. Georges, Trustee, 1987 - 2014
W. Reid Pepin, Trustee, 1987 - 2005
Since the Trust's inception in 1987, only one trustee, W. Reid Pepin, retired as a Trustee when he and his family relocated to Burlington, Vermont. 
Today, management of the Trust is accomplished under the direction of 10 trustees, who generally meet every other month.  In addition to Mr. Kennedy, and Mr. Chaney named above, current trustees include:
Elaine Basbanes, Trustee, 1989 - present
David E. Tully, Treasurer, 2009 - present
Robert J. Ricardelli, Trustee, 2011 - present
Brian F.  Reynolds, Trustee, 2013 - present
John C. Thompson, Trustee, 2014 - present
Aina Pallis, Trustee 2016 - present
Charles W. Tully, Jr. Trustee, 2018- present
Robert Kennedy, Preseident
David E. Tully Treasurer
Brian Reynolds
Elaine Basbanes
Alan E. Chaney
Robert Ricardelli
Anne Davis
Aina Pallis- Picture coming soon.
John Thompson
Charles W. Tully Jr. - Picture coming soon.