Since 1974  the Dunstable Rural Land Trust and the Dunstable Civic Associates have strived to carry out the mission of preserving and protecting the rural character of the Town of Dunstable.
Today, the Trust holds in excess of 800 acres and holds approximately an additional 200 acres of easements.
The Dunstable Rural Land Trust (The Trust) (DRLT) was established under Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Section 501(c) (3) as a not for profit organization in August of 1987.  The DRLT was the outgrowth of the former Dunstable Civic Associates (DCA) that had been organized in 1974 to purchase land that borders Main and Fletcher Streets, a former mink farm and later a large scale gravel removal operation.
The mission of the Dunstable Rural Land Trust is to preserve and protect the rural character of the Town of Dunstable, preserving the Town's open spaces.  This includes the purchase of parcels of real estate, the acceptance of real property donations, and the acceptance as holder of conservation restrictions or similar restrictions to protect, in perpetuity, the properties encumbered.   As a part of this mission, the Trust has in the past paid and continues to pay a portion of landowners’ costs incurred to protect their properties. 

The main parcel of the Dunstable Rural Land Trust Wildlife Refuge on Main Street consists of approximately 400 acres.  Additions to this parcel include, the Brox parcels, the Gregg parcels and the George and June Tully parcels which added an additional 260 acres.
Over the past several years the Trust has acquired by gift or purchase additional properties, bringing the acreage held today to 800+ acres of land, principally within the Town of Dunstable.  The Trust holds about 50 acres located in Pepperell and Groton.
The DRLT and its predecessor, the Dunstable Civic Associates, have changed and grown through a combination of hard work, dedication, and personal contributions of time and effort from numerous volunteers as well as financial support from the community. The efforts and accomplishments have been made possible by a broad contingent of Dunstable residents as well as donations from individuals in neighboring communities.
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DRLT- Forty Years of Preservation and Conservation Book