Welcome to the Dunstable Rural Land Trust 

We are often asked how the Dunstable Rural Land Trust came to be. As with so many rural communities struggling to maintain both character and landscapes, the DRLT was created out of necessity.  In 1974, a group of Dunstable residents came together to protect a wildlife-rich 175 acre parcel of land from development.  This original group of 40 people has now grown to a membership of over 400 individuals and families who donate  the time, money, and creativity necessary to continue our traditions of preservation, conservation, and education throughout the community of Dunstable and beyond.
We hope you enjoy our attempt at bringing our stories, projects, and appeals to you via our newly revamped website.  Interested in exploring some of our beautiful land and local vistas? Visit Our Protected Places to find out more. Our Current Projects link will has up to date information on ongoing and recently completed projects.   News  is the most recent information you need to know on upcoming events and recent changes.  
So Join Us, and see what we’re all about.
The Dunstable Rural Land Trust is a 100% volunteer organization. Our work and achievements depend on the generous contributions of our friends, neighbors, and supporters. Over the past years, our time, energy, and funds have resulted in many specific accomplishments that support our overall mission of preserving the rural character of Dunstable, encouraging all to preserve and protect ecologically significant land parcels, and preserving resources to provide everyone with beautiful outdoor spaces for passive recreation including hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, kayaking and other similar activities.
The costs to protect the properties go far beyond the dollars needed to acquire parcels. Maintenance and insurance constitute the major ongoing operating expenses of the Trust, and these expenses have become an increasing burden to the organization.
Additionally, when the Trust becomes the beneficiary of a planned giving, professional fees including surveying, engineering, and legal support are often entirely borne by the Trust.  The ability of the Trusts to pay for such costs associated with these land donations, more often than not, is what makes these donations possible.
Please consider participating in the DRLT Annual Appeal.
Checks (of any amount) can be mailed to the DRLT, c/o David Tully at 1070 Main Street, Dunstable, MA 01827 or simply click on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the screen to make an immediate donation.
We also accept donations in the form of appreciated property such as marketable securities. If you have any questions or wish to discuss a possible donation please contact David at dtully@tully-cpas.com
The Call
I must get out to the woods
again, to the whispering
tree, and the birds a-wing.
Away from the haunts of
pale-faced men, to the
spaces wide where strength
is king;
I must get out where the skies are blue and the air is clean, and the rest is sweet,
Out where ther's never a task to do or a goal to reach or a foe to meet.
- Edgar A. Guest,
All that Matters 1922